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  雅思口語近期新題中的jeans 話題算是比較簡單好答的題目,能引起同學們的共鳴,相對于比較陌生的perfume和抽象的fake smile,很多同學都能對牛仔褲的話題說上幾句。 但是想要擴展出高分答案,還是要注意內容的細節度和語言的“接地氣”感。比如大家都會想說“牛仔褲我有很多呀,各種款式的,比如喇叭褲,緊身褲…” 然后思維就死死的卡在了 “喇叭褲” 這個詞怎么說上。或者問到喜歡jeans的原因時也只能說幾句穿著方便或者舒服的套話。如果答案的語言不能詳盡,對于雅思考官來說也只能是5.5或者更低的印象,所以大家一定要注意準備答案時要盡量有邏輯及銜接的擴展。


  1. Do you wear jeans?

  That’s a sure thing. Jeans are my favorite style of clothes, which fit me for almost all occasions. I got tons of jeans back at home, like flares, skinny jeans or even mom jeans, and they come with various colors. Also the other thing I favor jeans is that they are so easy and comfortable to wear.

  Flares : trousers/ pants that become very wide at the bottom of the legs

  ie: a pair of flares

  Tons (plural) : (informal) a lot

  ie: They?ve got tons of money.

  ie: I?ve still got tons to do.

  2. How often do you wear jeans?

  Well, I could say almost every day even in the summer. Their soft texture makes me easy to stretch my legs and also protects me better than skirts from the freezing AC in my school. As the casual nature they have, jeans can be suited with many tops, say tee shirts, jackets, blazers and other things you can name it. So I try to wear them as much as possible.

  Texture: the way a surface, substance or piece of cloth feels when you touch it, for example how rough, smooth, hard or soft it is

  ie: the soft texture of velvet

  3. Do you like wearing jeans, why?

  Yes, definitely. I am that kind of person who would dress for comfort rather than elegance. At this point, jeans are the best. Not only for the soft texture, also for the millions of the different colors and styles to choose from which makes them the top option for styling.

  Rather than : instead of somebody/ something

  ie: I think I?ll have a cold drink rather than coffee.

  ie: Why didn?t you ask for help, rather than trying to do it on your own?

  4. Why do you think jeans are popular?

  Well, for teenagers who are mostly outdoor people, jeans can provide extra comfort when they run, jump or do some “strange” pose. As for adults, if there is no dress code in the work place, then jeans are the easiest thing to match with which you don’t have to worry it could go wrong.

   最后,不管答案準備的再怎么“精美” 還是要動嘴練習,保證流利度和發音的準確性才能爭取四項的評分標準都達標。更多雅思考試干貨敬請關注新航道雅思考試頻道 




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